Jess vs Jessica - Preview - 150

Available to purchase - Blonde vs brunette: Jess vs Jessica is a battle of the new ladies. It starts with both ladies giving each other a good stare in the centre of the mat before they engage each other in combat. Jessica gets straight into the action and takes Jess down onto the mat. Jess can’t help but smile as her opponent gives her little tits a good work over. But the end of the 1st round it’s the brunette who is the most relieved. In round 2 Jessica again takes Jess down onto the mat. This time a few words are exchanged. 1 of these 2 beautiful ladies takes control but does not see the sucker punch coming from her opponent!

Nice ending: after extracting a submission, the winning lady shove’s her opponent out of the way before standing up and giving her defeated opponent a 2 fingered salute!