Jessica vs Skyler - Preview - 146

After giving each other the eye, both ladies tear into one another after I have given them the order to fight. Jessica waste no time in taking Skyler down onto the mats and giving the beautiful brunette plenty of problems to work out….. Like how not to lose the catfight in round one! Skyler goes on the attack in round 2, and this time, she is the one who has the edge in the fight. A series of wedges leads to Skyler ripping off her own thong in order to protect her delicious pussy in what is now a 50-50 fight. Round 3 is over pretty quickly. Thanks to the 2nd camera we are able to watch the winning lady initiate the deadly pussy eating move, while the other lady fights desperately to avoid this humiliating submission, from 2 slightly different angles.
This catfight is a favourite of mine & I’m sure will become a Catz Review classic.