Amethyst vs Jessica catfight preview - 4K

Amethyst vs Jessica is a bad tempered lingerie catfight. The fight itself starts in the traditional way with both ladies meeting in the middle of the mats awaiting instructions. The 1st round is a pretty even affair with plenty of mat action, but in round 2 gradually one of these two beauties takes control of the fight. In round 3 tempers really start to flare as both ladies are guilty of bending the rules to their advantage. On more than 1 occasion Amethyst experiences nipple tweaks. And on one of these occasions her right tit is fully exposed! In round 4 they both give each other the evil eye before once more going down onto the mats were eventually one of these sexy ladies reluctantly submits to the other!
This is a bad-tempered catfight in which both ladies question each other’s tactics.

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