Rebel vs Killer Sex - The Preview

Rebel vs Killer Sex (England vs Spain) is a truly brutal title catfight that starts with vicious stinging slaps to the body by both ladies. Having hurt one another so early, both ladies keep their eyes on one another from then onwards. The 2nd round starts off a bit like the 1st only this time, they both crumpled to the ground and continue to try and bash one another into submission. Killer Sex gets the upper hand in the 3rd and is on the verge of winning when an argument breaks out about whether Rebel said she “submits” or not. When the dust settles we start again, only this time it becomes obvious that Rebel truly does accidentally catch Killer Sex in the face with a couple of slaps. At this stage both ladies are heavily marked, but one considerably more so than the other. Hair gets pulled, bodies get whacked, and Rebel shouts “do you submit” to which Killer Sex shouts “No!” Round 4 and 5 consists of mat action which swings one way back the other. Who wins this marathon catfight is indeed a worthy winner. This catfight was made great by neither lady wanting to submit because of you sponsors!