Unseen footage - Rebel vs Killer Sex - 137

Unseen footage - Rebel vs Killer Sex – 137
This footage of the catfight between Rebel & Killer Sex (137) clearly demonstrates the passion of a real rules topless/nude catfight.

As regards to the argument, is Rebel right? Or is it nothing more than frustration?

Obviously I went after Rebel and use my persuasive powers to get the young lady to come back and finish the catfight. It didn’t take 2 seconds for our first aid man to put right the piercings in the nose of Killer Sex. We always shoot/film with someone who has first aid knowledge.

The footage was originally left out because I did not think that it served any purpose. With hindsight I think the sponsors of this particular catfight would have been happy if I had included it in this epic catfight.

The purpose it serves is to demonstrate the difference between a real rules catfight & a custom catfight. Custom catfights are designed to look real, but are in fact very much choreographed.

As you can see with the catfight between Rebel & Killer Sex that there is absolutely nothing choreographed about this catfight. I don’t think it would even be possible to fake this scene!

So please remember, when the ladies fight for The Catz Review, they really do fight for real (within the rules).

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